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Gingko Biloba 2000mg 100 Softgel Capsules - Healthy Care
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Gingko Biloba 2000mg 100 Softgel Capsules - Healthy Care

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Gigko Biloba is a herb use to treat altitude sickness and a host of other related symptoms. Also use to improve cognitive functions in helathy people. Ginkgo assists blood flow and so can increase tissue nutrition. It tones and helps normalise circulation as it has a relaxing (vasodilating) effect on arteries and a toning effect on veins. Improving circulation can enhance the utilization of oxygen and glucose by the body.
Brain cells require large amounts of energy to function properly. Glucose and oxygen need to be constantly supplied to the brain cells to create energy, as the brain has very small energy reserves. Many studies have shown positive effects of ginkgo on working memory, the speed of information processing and learning. 

Can help to improve memory and cognitive function.
Features and benefits

  • Aids mental alertness
  • Improves memory
  • Improves attention and mental clarity

Active Ingredient:

Each capsule contains:
Ginkgo biloba extract is equivalent to dry leaf 2g(2000mg)
Equivalent to Ginkgo flavonglycosides 9.6mg
Does not contain added egg, milk, peanut, corn, tree nut, gluten, lactose, artificial colourings or flavourings.

Product Weight: 110 grams