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Goat Milk 100 tablets - Natural Flavour - Natural Life
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Goat Milk 100 tablets - Natural Flavour - Natural Life

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Goat's milk which is rich in protein and essential amino acids but at the same time less in fat than cows milk had been used as an alternative to cows milk as it is easier to to digest – particularly for children.

Health Benefits of Goat Milk Supplements

An excellent source of calcium for both adults and children who are lactose intolerant

Calcium helps maintain strong bones and healthy teeth and is essential for childhood and adolescent developement

Good calcium intake during developmental years may assist in the prevention of bone related illness in adulthood.

Calcium is also known to help prevent the childhood disease, rickets – a bone softening illness.

Australian Made Natural Life™ Goat Milk Tablets contain 100% pure goat milk powder sourced from goats grazing in the pristine hills of New Zealand. They are particularly beneficial for anyone who is lactose intolerant or sensitive or for people who have trouble obtaining calcium from other sources.

Natural Life™ Goat Milk Tablets are available in three great flavours your kids will love, and are an excellent source of calcium for bone development and health.

Product Weight: 99 grams

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