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Squalene 1000mg 180 caps - Natural Life
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Squalene 1000mg 180 caps - Natural Life

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Squalene is found throughout nature in plant and animal sources especially in our bloodstream originating from our liver.  It is a major component of human skin surface lipids (oils). Squalene for supplementation is commonly derived from shark liver. Squalene may be beneficial for temporary relief from arthritic pain and joint inflammation and may also be useful for maintaining healthy immune function, stamina and endurance.  And it is also used as a health supplement for heart health.  More tests are needed to be conclusive about the benefits of Squalene but anecdotal evidence suggests that there are huge benefits in the consumption of Squalene as a supplement.

Health Benefits of Squalene

Squalene may be useful for maintaining healthy immune function.

Is often used in cosmetic products because its antioxidant components are believed to accumulate in the skin, reducing free radical damage and improving complexion.

Squalene is a major component of the protective skin surface lipids where is assists in maintaining healthy skin.

Includes alkyglycerols - chemical compounds found in human bone marrow and breast milk which may help regenerate the immune system and promote overall health and wellbeing.

High quality, Australian-made Natural Life™ Squalene is 99.9% pure and sourced from the cold, unpolluted waters off the Australian Coast. 

Natural Life™ Squalene is extracted from the liver of deep sea sharks known as the Southern Dogfish shark, which has been shown to yield the highest natural concentration of Squalene and Alkyglycerides – the primary active ingredient.   

All Natural Life™ products are made according to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), so you get the highest quality of product every time. 

This product is listed with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods no:  AUSTL 94402

Product Weight: 346 grams

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